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Editor: Matthew J. Drake
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Volume 9 Issue 2

Leveraging Enterprise System Technology for Curricular Innovation and Redesign
John Grandzol, David Chou

Intrinsic Factors for Continued ERP Learning: A Precursor to Interdisciplinary ERP Curriculum Design
Kuanchin Chen, Muhammad Razi, Thomas Rienzo

Does ERP Hands-On Experience Help Students Learning Business Process Concepts?
Thomas Rienzo, Bernard Han

Knowledge Management ERP Curriculum Design/Mapping (Theory and Development Tools)
Zane Swanson, Michelle Hepner

Decision Making in an Integrated Business Process Context: Learning Using an ERP Simulation Game
Timothy Paul Cronan, David E. Douglas, Omar Alnuaimi, Pamela J. Schmidt

Project Cheddarfield: Supporting Co-Curricular Themes Through Creative Use of Video Course-Casting
Natalie C. Simpson, Philip G. Hancock

Academic Performance of Business Students in Quantitative Courses: A Study in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the UAE University
Darwish Abdulrahman Yousef

A Bookstore for Bailey: A Novel Approach to Teaching a Small-Business Management Course
Timothy M. Bergquist, Anne Maggs

Using Toyota's A3 Thinking for Analyzing MBA Business Cases
Joe S. Anderson, James N. Morgan, Susan K. Williams

The “Living” Case: Structuring Storytelling to Increase Student Interest, Interaction, and Learning
Stanley E Fawcett, Amydee M. Fawcett

Using Paper Helicopters to Teach Statistical Process Control
Danny J. Johnson

The Customer Complaint Letter: A Student Exercise in Six Sigma
Byron Finch, Peter Salzarulo

The Ordering Challenge: An Online Game to Introduce Independent Demand Inventory Concepts
Brad C. Meyer, Debra S. Bishop

Volume 9 Issue 1

Examining the Impact of Pedagogy on Student Application of Learning: Acquiring, Sharing, and Using Knowledge for Organizational Decision Making
Alice C. Stewart, Jacqueline Williams, Karen Smith-Gratto, Sylvia Sloan Black, Betty Turner Kane

The Effect of Team-Based Learning on Student Attitudes and Satisfaction
Bruce A. Reinig, Ira Horowitz, Gerald E. Whittenburg

The Relationship Between Undergraduate Attendance and Performance Revisited: Alignment of Student and Instructor Goals
James W. Westerman, Luis A. Perez-Batres, Betty S. Coffey, Richard W. Pouder

Bailing Out the Once-Ler: Using Dr. Seuss to Teach Operations Management
Ana L. Rosado Feger, Gregg A. Thomas

Flashlight Assembly Challenge: Introducing Production Operations to MBA Students
Thomas A. Kolenko

Applying Mass Customization Concepts to Core Courses: Increasing Student-Centered Customization and Enabling Cross-Functional Integration
Darryl D. Wilson

A Service Learning Campus Sustainability Project
Michael J. Maloni, Robert C. Paul

Teaching Utility Theory with an Application in Modern Portfolio Optimization
Lihui Bai, Paul Newsom, Jiang Zhang

Teaching Design Thinking Through Case Analysis: Joint Analytical Process
Shouhong Wang, Hai Wang

Promoting Effective Decision Making Using Analytics in a Virtual Technology Lab
Mary E. Gros, Michael Goul, Haluk Demirkan

FrameEx: Classroom Exercise to Demonstrate Analytic Framework Value
William J. Worthington, Jamie D. Collins, Christopher R. Reutzel

Teaching Six Sigma to Undergrads: A Simplified Real Project Approach
Kathryn M. Zuckweiler