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Editor: Matthew J. Drake
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Volume 8 Issue 1

Leveraging Enterprise System Technology for Curricular Innovation and Redesign
John R. Grandzol, David Chou

An Exploratory Study of Student Perceptions of Which Classroom Policies Are Fairest
Edward A. Duplaga, Marzie Astani

Effects of Transparency and At-Stakeness on Students’ Perceptions of Their Ability to Work Collaboratively in Effective Classroom Teams: A Partial Test of the Jassawalla and Sashittal Model
Avan R. Jassawalla, Hemant C. Sashittal, Avinash Malshe

Why Is Performance on Multiple-Choice Tests and Constructed-Response Tests Not More Closely Related? Theory and an Empirical Test
William L. Kuechler, Mark G. Simkin

How Levels of Interactivity in Tutorials Affect Students’ Learning of Modeling Transportation Problems in a Spreadsheet
Kala Chand Seal, Zbigniew H. Przasnyski, Linda A. Leon

Absenteeism in Undergraduate Business Education: A Proposed Model and Exploratory Investigation
Lisa A. Burke

Project Flip: A Project Management Case/Exercise Experience
Janelle Heineke, Larry Meile, Linda Boardman Liu, Jane Davies

Using SMS Text Messaging to Create Individualized and Interactive Experiences in Large Classes: A Beer Game Example
Jamison M. Day, Madhuri Kumar

Using a Spreadsheet Version of Deming's Funnel Experiment in Quality Management and OM Classes
Mark D. Hanna

A Simple Approach to Implementing and Training Neural Networks in Excel
Cliff T. Ragsdale, Christopher W. Zobel

A Reference Model for Sustainable E-Learning Service Systems:Experiences with the Joint University/Teradata Consortium
Haluk Demirkan, Michael Goul, Mary Gros

Practitioner Perceptions of the A3 Method for Process Improvement in Health Care
John K. Visich, Angela M. Wicks, Faiza Zalila

Situated Learning: Conceptualization and Measurement
Lakshmi Goel, Norman Johnson, Iris Junglas, Blake Ives

From Nothing to Something: An Experiential Entrepreneurship Exercise
Ji-Hee Kim, Lynn Ann Fish

The PB&J Challenge: Using Value-Stream Mapping to Drive Learning Loops
Stanley E. Fawcett, Amydee M. Fawcett

The Twenty-Minute Just-In-Time Exercise
Bryan Ashenbaum

Experiential Learning: The Case of the Production Game
Niall Piercy