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Volume 7 Issue 2

Leveraging Enterprise System Technology for Curricular Innovation and Redesign
John R. Grandzol, David C. Chou

Do Business Schools Have a Role in the Current Financial Crisis?
Conrado “Bobby” Gempesaw II

Coping with Complexity
T. Grandon Gill

Use the Financial Crisis as an Example
Kellie B. Keeling

Anybody Can Make Money; It Is Much Harder to Make a Difference
Mike Parent

An Ancient Philosophical Perspective
Neil B. Marks

Be a Source for New Theories, Ideas, and Attitudes
Rudi Kurz, Karl-Heinz Rau

Moral, Ethical, and Social Responsibilities
Amitava Mitra

Building an Innovative Business Program
David C. Chou

Strike the Right Balance Between Scientific Rigor and Practical Relevance
Vernon E. Francis

Human Value Crisis
DaeSoo Kim

Do Business Schools Have a Role in the Current Financial Environment?
Stephen C. Bushardt, James B. Larriviere

Author's Response to Comments on “Do Business Schools Have a Role in the Current Financial Crisis?
Conrado “Bobby” Gempesaw II

Scaring Them into Learning!? Using a Snake Screen to Enhance the Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness of a Web Interface
Ned Kock, Ruth Chatelain-Jardón, Jesus Carmona

Effects of Animations in Learning—A Cognitive Fit Perspective
Pengtao Li, Radhika Santhanam, Catherine M. Carswell

Push Versus Pull and Mass Customization: A Lego Inukshuk Demonstration
Brent R. Snider, Janice B. Eliasson

Student Dialogue with Online Guest Speakers
Daniel M. Eveleth, Lori J. Baker-Eveleth

Understanding the Impact of Process Variability: A Tool to Build Student Intuition
John B. Jensen, Hemant V. Kher

An Entertaining Software Application to Teach the Critical Path Method
Kurt Hozak

Student-to-Student Interaction Revisited: A Case Study of Working Adult Business Students in Online Courses
Deborah L. Kellogg, Marlene A. Smith

Distance Learning Video Grid: Online Teacher Exchange
Roger McHaney

Why Don't More Students Major in IS?
William L. Kuechler, Alexander McLeod, Mark G. Simkin

Assurance of Learning in the MIS Program
Jeffrey S. Harper, Joseph T. Harder

Applying Sales and Operations Planning to the Metro-Atlanta Water Crisis
Michael J. Maloni, Richard M. Franza

Becoming a Better Observer
Ray W. Coye, Patricia E. Spencer

Volume 7 Issue 1

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Announces Call for Papers DSJIE Special Topic Forum
T. Grandon Gill

Decomposition as a Complex-Skill Acquisition Strategy in Management Education: A Case Study in Business Forecasting
Monica Adya, Edward J. Lusk, Moncef Balhadjali

Identification of Nonadaptive MBA Writers Through the Use of Linguistic Analysis
James J. Divoky, Mary Anne Rothermel

Decision Analysis and the Principal–Agent Problem
Brett E. Katzman, Penny Verhoeven, Hope M. Baker

A Systematic Method for Teaching Post Hoc Analysis of Chi-Square Tests
Edward P. Markowski, Carol A. Markowski

Analysis After Output—Payoff Tables
Kenneth R. MacLeod

Winning Hearts and Minds: An Argument for Quantitative Analysis in an Operations Management Course
Vernon E. Francis

Verifying Documentation Standards in Spreadsheet Analysis
Larry J. LeBlanc, Michael R. Galbreth

Spreadsheet Modeling of Hotel Room Sales and Demand Distributions Estimation
Thin-Yin Leong, Michelle L. F. Cheong

Computer Self-Efficacy and Motivation to Learn in a Self-Directed Online Course
Marcia J. Simmering, Clay Posey, Gabriele Piccoli

Enhancing Knowledge Transfer in Classroom Versus Online Settings: The Interplay Among Instructor, Student, Content, and Context
Louise Nemanich, Michael Banks, Dusya Vera

Achieving Learning Goals with Student-Created Podcasts
Gary R. Armstrong, Joanne M. Tucker, Victor J. Massad

Exploring Business Issues in High-Tech Fields Using Collaborative Electronic Meeting Tools
Christine T. Kydd, Diane L. Ferry

An Entrepreneurial Application of a Geographic Information System
Barbara K. Fuller, David A. Bradbard

Weblog Technology for Instruction, Learning, and Information Delivery
J. P. Shim, Chengqi Guo

Investigating Business Schools' Intentions About Offering E-Commerce Education Using an Extended Theory of Planned Behavior
Jean Baptiste K. Dodor, Dharam S. Rana

Recruiting the Supply Chain Professionals of the Future: A Supply Chain Summer Camp for Middle School Students
L. Leslie Gardner, Lisa C. Gausman, Kelly J. Silvers

Poetry Writing in Quantitative Courses
Cheryl C. Patterson, J. Wayne Patterson

The Art of War: Managing the Intricacies of Supply Chain Power and Trust
Stanley E. Fawcett, J. Bonner Ritchie, Cynthia Wallin, Scott C. Webb

A Spreadsheet-Based, Matrix Formulation Linear Programming Lesson
Steven Harrod

The Sandwich Factory: An In-Class Demonstration of Pull Production Concepts
Timothy S. Vaughan, Justin P. Gardner

Improving Students' Understanding of International Trade
John F. Repede, Timothy E. Burson

Proctored Versus Unproctored Online Exams: Studying the Impact of Exam Environment on Student Performance
Kimberly K. Hollister, Mark L. Berenson

Gaining Insight into Business Telecommunications Students Through the Assessment of Learning Styles
Thomas E. Sandman

Assessment via WebCT Quizzes: Offline Grading Process with Customized Feedback
Chong Leng Tan