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Volume 6 Issue 2

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Announces Call for Papers DSJIE Special Topic Forum
T. Grandon Gill

A Study of the Effectiveness of Web-Based Homework in Teaching Undergraduate Business Statistics
Susan W. Palocsay, Scott P. Stevens

Putting it All Together: Weaving a Common Thread of Assignments Through Introductory OM Courses
Stephen Mahar, Peter A. Salzarulo

Using Modified Mastery Assignments to Increase Learning in Business Statistics
Kim I. Melton

Engaging Students in Statistics
Jeffrey E. Kottemann, Fatollah Salimian

Developing Students' Understanding of Process Analysis: Tools and the Snack Bar
Lynn A. Fish

Creating a Learning Environment for RFID Education
Nebil Buyurgan, Alejandro Mendoza

“Cola-Game”: An Innovative Approach to Teaching Inventory Management in a Supply Chain
Parag Dhumal, P. S. Sundararaghavan, Udayan Nandkeolyar

Using a Supply Chain Game to Effect Problem-Based Learning in an Undergraduate Operations Management Program
John J. Kanet, Martin Stößlein

Introducing International Issues: Facility Location
Joanne M. Tucker, Gary R. Armstrong

Teaching Variation Using an Interactive Classroom Activity
Alan F. Chow, John C. Howard, Nancy J. Lambe

Trade-Offs, Biases, and Uncertainty in Project Planning and Execution: A Problem-Based Simulation Exercise
Dwight E. Smith-Daniels, Vicki L. Smith-Daniels

Simulation Software for Illustrating the Performance Impact of Process Variation and Workstation Dependency
John M. Usher

Trikes, Cars, and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)
Julie M. Hays

The Global Sourcing and Logistics Exercise: A Group Exercise to Demonstrate Basic Global Supply Chain Principles
Bryan Ashenbaum

Spreadsheet Modeling of Equipment Acquisition Plans
Thin-Yin Leong, Michelle L. F. Cheong

An Evaluation of Factors Regarding Students’ Assessment of Faculty in a Business School 
Richard L. Peterson, Mark L. Berenson, Ram B. Misra, David J. Radosevich

Student Perceptions of Social Loafing in Undergraduate Business Classroom Teams 
Avan R. Jassawalla, Avinash Malshe, Hemant Sashittal

Investigating Academic Success Factors for Undergraduate Business Students
Mehdi Kaighobadi, Marcus T. Allen

Capturing Flow in the Business Classroom
Yi Maggie Guo, Young K. Ro

The Use of Student Consulting Projects as an Active Learning Pedagogy: A Case Study in a Production/Operations Management Course
Kirk C. Heriot, Ron Cook, Rita C. Jones, Leo Simpson

Simultaneous Report: A Reliable Method to Stimulate Class Discussion
Michael S. Sweet, Larry K. Michaelsen, Christine M. Wright

An Approach for Incorporating the Topic “Ethics in Research” into an Introductory Statistics Course
Penny Verhoeven, Hope M. Baker

Developing Undergraduate Student Research Experiences in Operations Management 
Martin Stößlein, John J. Kanet

Capstone Project Team Formation: Mingling Increases Performance and Motivation
Betsy M. Aller, David M. Lyth, Larry A. Mallak

Integrating Curriculum Across Courses in the Same Semester and Across Semesters Using a Service Learning Project
William Richmond, Debasish Banerjee, Barbara Jo White

Beyond Central Tendency: Helping Students Understand the Concept of Variation
Patrick R. McMullen, Scott M. Shafer

Using Student Video Presentations in an Online Course
David T. Green

An Effective Methodology for Teaching Lean Production
Farouq Alhourani

Volume 6 Issue 1

Enhancing Undergraduates' Capabilities Through Team-Based Competitions: The Edward Jones Challenge
Elisabeth J. Umble, Michael Umble, Kendall Artz

Toward the Development of an Interdisciplinary Information Assurance Curriculum: Knowledge Domains and Skill Sets Required of Information Assurance Professionals 
Casey G. Cegielski

Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Grading Through the Use of Computer-Assisted Grading Rubrics
Linda Anglin, Kenneth Anglin, Paul L. Schumann, John A. Kaliski

Classroom Questioning with Immediate Electronic Response: Do Clickers Improve Learning?
Steven A. Yourstone, Howard S. Kraye, Gerald Albaum

The Use of Problem-Based Learning to Enhance MIS Education
Kathleen Mykytyn, Ann Pearson, Souren Paul, Peter P. Mykytyn Jr

Using SERVQUAL to Measure the Quality of the Classroom Experience
Michael Stodnick, Pamela Rogers

Influence Tactics in the Classroom and Their Relationship to Student Satisfaction
Stephen S. Standifird, Frank Pons, Dan Moshavi

The Lean Lunch
Laura Swanson

Teams Lab: Promoting Effective Teamwork in Operations Management Classes
Susan K. Williams, Joe S. Anderson

From the Ground Up: Learning Through Immersion in Business
John H. Antil, Christine T. Kydd

Extending the Classroom: The Telephonic Visit
John A. Ballard

What, No Quiz Today? An Innovative Framework for Increasing Student Preparation and Participation
Vernon E. Francis, Nancy Schreiber

Teaching the Subjective Aspect of Forecasting Through the Use of Basketball Scores 
Srinagesh Gavirneni

Combining Time-Series Components for Improved Forecasts
Frank G. Landram, Robert J. Pavur, Bahram Alidaee