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Volume 5 Issue 2

An Empirical Examination of Factors Affecting Group Effectiveness in Information Systems Projects
Bassam Hasan, Jafar Ali

Reengineering Academic Teams Toward a Network Organizational Structure
Emmanouil Kaldis, Konstantinos Koukoravas, Christos Tjortjis

Applying the Collective Causal Mapping Methodology to Operations Management Curriculum Development
Julie M. Hays, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Susan Meyer Goldstein, Arthur V. Hill, Annibal José Scavarda

Dimensions of Perceived Usefulness: Toward Enhanced Assessment
Raafat George Saadé

Intelligent Agent–Supported Online Education
Xiaoqing Li

Media Naturalness and Online Learning: Findings Supporting Both the Significant- and No-Significant-Difference Perspectives
Ned Kock, Jacques Verville, Vanessa Garza

Perceptions of Business Students' Feature Requirements in Educational Web Sites
Sunil Hazari, Barbara Johnson

Student/Faculty Connections in the Development of Teaching
Gary D. Koppenhaver, Virginia L. Blackburn, Kay M. Palan, Sue Ravenscroft, Charles B. Shrader

Student-Managed eBay Business: A Tool for Applying Business Learning
Joanne M. Tucker, Victor J. Massad

Video Vignettes: Teaching Computer Programming to the MTV Generation
Alison Watkins, Ellen M. Hufnagel

Sweet Control Charts and Process Capability
Robert L. Gaffney, Julie M. Hays

The Power of Doing: A Learning Exercise that Brings the Central Limit Theorem to Life 
Barbara A. Price, Xiaolong Zhang

Parallel Interaction Supply Chain Game: An Extension of the Beer Game
Pedro M. Reyes

A Simulation Based on Goldratt's Matchstick/Die Game
Clarence H. Martin

Volume 5 Issue 1

Using Learning Style Instruments to Enhance Student Learning
Thomas F. Hawk, Amit J. Shah

The Role of Effective Modeling in the Development of Self-Efficacy: The Case of the Transparent Engine
Kevin P. Scheibe, Brian E. Mennecke, Andy Luse

Learning From the Pros: Influence of Web-Based Expert Commentary on Vicarious Learning About Financial Markets
Matthew W. Ford, Daniel W. Kent, Steven Devoto

A Study of Disciplinary, Structural, and Behavioral Effects on Course Outcomes in Online MBA Courses
J. B. Arbaugh, Barbara L. Rau

Conceptualizing and Measuring the Optimal Experience of the eLearning Environment
Robert Davis, Don Wong

Technology Readiness, Learning Goals, and eLearning: Searching for Synergy
Bo Van Der Rhee, Rohit Verma, Gerhard R. Plaschka, Jill R. Kickul

A Study on the Impact of GPA on Perceived Improvement of Higher-Order Cognitive Skills
Randy V. Bradley, Chetan S. Sankar, Howard R. Clayton, Victor W. Mbarika, P. K. Raju

Does Your iPod Have a Soul? Playing with Random Numbers
Kellie B. Keeling

Achieving Active Learning with a Student-Run Internet Service Provider Business: The Case of
Robert P. Minch, Sharon W. Tabor

Using the Tablet PC for Instruction
T. Grandon Gill

Statistical Quality Control: Developing Students’ Understanding of Variable Control Charts using String
Lynn A. Fish

Quick and Dirty Multimedia
T. Grandon Gill

Using Contracts to Determine Individual Grades in Team Projects
Amy S. Kinser

A “Modest Proposal” for Making the Standardized Normal Distribution Tables in Business Statistics Texts to an Upper-Tail Format
Ram B. Misra