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Editor: Matthew J. Drake
Palumbo-Donahue School of Business
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Volume 4 Issue 2

Impact of Personality on Academic Performance of MBA Students: Qualitative Versus Quantitative Courses
Keith L. Whittingham

IRSS Psychology Theory: Telling Experiences Among Underrepresented IS Doctorates 
Fay Cobb Payton, Sharon D. White, Victor W. A. Mbarika

The Determinants of Students' Perceived Learning Outcomes and Satisfaction in University Online Education: An Empirical Investigation
Sean B. Eom, H. Joseph Wen, Nicholas Ashill

Theoretical Value Belief, Cognitive Ability, and Personality as Predictors of Student Performance in Object-Oriented Programming Environments
Dianne J. Hall, Casey G. Cegielski, James N. Wade

An Assessment of Statistical Process Control-Based Approaches for Charting Student Evaluation Scores
Xin Ding, Don Wardell, Rohit Verma

Facilitating Systemic Thinking in Business Classes
J. Brian Atwater, Paul H. Pittman

Conveying Cross-Functional Product Development Concepts: The Payloads 9.8 Mars Lander Exercise
Thomas G. Schmitt, Karen A. Brown, Carl Obermiller

Is This a Game or a Learning Moment?
Gilles Reinhardt, Lori S. Cook

An Approach for Enhancing the Efficiency and Consistency of Qualitative Case Analysis Evaluations 
Charalambos L. Iacovou

Peer-to-Peer Instruction in a Programming Course
T. Grandon Gill, Qing Hu

Push Versus Pull Mini-Demonstration: A Continuation of the Mini-Demonstration with Duplos or “The Running of the Dogs—Part II”
Lynn A. Fish

Classroom Integration of Statistics and Management Science Via Forecasting
M. David Albritton, Patrick R. McMullen

The Supply Chain Puzzle Game: Highlighting Behavioral Issues in SCM
Stanley E. Fawcett, Matthew W. McCarter