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Editor: Matthew J. Drake
Palumbo-Donahue School of Business
Duquesne University

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Volume 3 Issue 1

Integrating Intellectual Property Concepts into MIS Education: An Empirical Assessment
Peter P. Mykytyn Jr., Kathleen Mykytyn, David A. Harrison

An Agency Theory Perspective on Student Performance Evaluation
Michael E. Smith, George A. Zsidisin, Laural L. Adams

Using Quality Management Tools to Enhance Feedback from Student Evaluations
John B. Jensen, Nancy Artz

Multiple-Choice Tests and Student Understanding: What Is the Connection?
Mark G. Simkin, William L. Kuechler

Factors Contributing to the Success of Undergraduate Business Students in Management Science Courses
Robert G. Brookshire, Susan W. Palocsay

Within-Class Variability in Student–Teacher Evaluations: Examples and Problems
Dennis E. Clayson

Why McNemar's Procedure Needs to be Included in the Business Statistics Curriculum 
Mark L. Berenson, Nicole B. Koppel

Converting Data to Information for Case Study Analysis
J. David Osborne

A Protocol for Online Case Discussions
T. Grandon Gill

Mail Merge: A Function to Improve Efficiency… Beyond the Generation of Customized Feedback Documents
Chong Leng Tan

Using Correlation Matrices and Optimization to Add Practical Functionality to Spreadsheet Simulation for MBA-Level Quantitative Analysis Courses
Patrick R. McMullen

Teaching Assembly Line Balancing: A Mini-Demonstration with DUPLO® Blocks or “The Running of the Dogs”
Lynn A. Fish

Engaging Introductory Programming Students with CGI
T. Grandon Gill

Computer-Simulated Enterprise Management Educational Environment
Scott E. Grasman, Can Saygin, Majdi Najm