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Volume 15 Number 1

Special Issue on Developing Executive Education Programs with Online Distance Education

Traditional and Online Learning in Executive Education: How Both Will Survive and Thrive
Wilbur W. Stanton, Angela D'Auria Stanton

A Best Practice Modular Design of a Hybrid Course Delivery Structure For an Executive Education Program
Dorothy E. Klotz, Thomas A. Wright

A Project-Based Approach to Executive Education
Dax Jacobson, Richard Chapman, Christine Ye, Jerry Van Os

Enhancing Online Executive Education Using Storytelling: An Approach to Strengthening Online Social Presence
Julie E. Kendall, Kenneth E. Kendall

A Technical/Strategic Paradigm for Online Executive Education
Marlene A. Smith, Susan M. Keaveney

Delivering Effective Blended Learning: Managing the Dichotomy of Humility and Hubris in Executive Education
James Lockhart, Dorothy McKee, Debbie Donnelly

Volume 15 Number 2

Teaching Briefs

Using a Corporate Partnership to Enhance Learning in a Sourcing Negotiation Role-Play
Janet L. Hartley, Karen Eboch, and Jonathan Gilberg

Delivering an MBA Management Consulting Experience
Ryan LeMaire, Kirk Fisher, and Edward F. Watson III

Conceptual Research

Preparing a Data Scientist: A Pedagogic Experience in Designing a Big Data Analytics Course
Daniel Adomako Asamoah, Ramesh Sharda, Amir Hassan Zadeh, and Pankush Kalgotra

Empirical Research

Encouraging E-Textbook Adoption: Merging Two Models   
Natalie Gerhart, Daniel Peak, and Victor R. Prybutok

What Students Think and Do in Classroom Teams When Peer Evaluations Are Highly Consequential: A Two-Stage Study
Avan R. Jassawalla and Hemant C. Sashittal

Volume 15 Number 3

Teaching Brief

Continuous Improvement of Team Assignments: Using a Web-Based Tool and the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle in Design and Re-Design
Shona Morgan and Alice Stewart

Conceptual Research

Zero-Slack, Non-Critical Paths 
Jacob Simons

Empirical Research

Key Authors in Business and Management Education Research: Productivity, Topics, and Future Directions
J.B. Arbaugh, Carlos Asarta, Regina Bento, Alvin Hwang, Charles Fornaciari, and Kathy Lund Dean