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Editor: Vijay R. Kannan
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business
Utah State University

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About Us
The Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education (DSJIE) is a peer-reviewed journal of the Decision Sciences Institute. Its mission is to publish significant research relevant to teaching, learning, and education in the decision sciences - quantitative and behavioral approaches to managerial decision making. The journal welcomes submissions relevant to the application and practice of the decision sciences both in business and other domains such as, but not limited to, healthcare, product development, and engineering management. Articles submitted to the journal should offer either proven innovation in classroom instruction/delivery, new insights into pedagogy, program development, delivery, or assessment, or empirically based analysis relevant to learning and education in the decision sciences. The goal of the journal is to not only provide resources that can enhance instruction, but serve as a forum for disseminating best practices.

Call for Papers

DSJIE invites submissions for a Special Issue on 'Identifying and Managing Critical Success Factors of Online Education' to be published in 2016. For more details, please click on the link below.

Call for Papers: 2016 Special Issue

European Academic Journal Guide

DSJIE is pleased to announce that the journal has been included in the 2015 European Academic Journal Guide.


Current Issue: Vol. 13 No. 1

Selected Articles

A Classroom Exercise to Examine the Trade-off between Mission Capacity and Life Cycle Cost
Keebom Kang, Kenneth H. Doerr

Service-Learning in Supply Chain Management: Benefits, Challenges and Best Practices
Tobias Schoenherr

Searching for New Answers: The Application of Task-Technology Fit to E-Textbook Usage
Natalie Gerhart, Daniel Peak, Victor R. Prybutok


Forthcoming Issue: Vol. 13 No. 2

Special Issue on Multidisciplinary and Collaborative Education in the Decision Sciences

Selected Articles

Distant yet Near: Promoting Interdisciplinary Learning in Significantly Diverse Teams through Socially Responsible Projects
Monica Adya, Bryan K. Temple, Donald M. Hepburn

Early Phases of Business Model Innovation: An Ideation Experience Workshop in the Classroom
Maya Hoveskog, Fawzi Halila, Mike Danilovic

Worlds Apart but Not Alone - How Wiki-Technologies Influence Productivity and Decision-Making in Student Groups
Balázs Heidrich, Richárd Kásá, Wesley Shu, Nick Chandler